March 11, 2009

27th Book Excerpts

Another Day on the Farm:

Decided to take some time off from the farm and put a few more kilometers on me bike. Rode over to Lloydminster on the eastern Alberta border. The weather was a bit chilly but it was a nice ride nevertheless, about 980k. Hope to go the Rockies for a day or two before haying starts. The bike is a 2007 Honda VTX 1300T.

27th Excerpt from “Defying the Odds”
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Betty Toughs it Out...

Right from the start Betty had a very tough life as a farmer's wife. Not only did she have the usual work of looking after five kids and taking care of the household chores, she now had the additional problems of carrying water from the pump house and heating it, both for bathing and laundry, on the kitchen wood stove. Everyone helped in any way they could but Betty bore the bulk of the load. From the time she woke in the morning until bedtime, she was constantly cooking, baking, cleaning, washing clothes and hanging them out to dry, as well as looking after her babies. There were no Pampers for diapers…she made them herself and washed them by hand.

The stress of moving, plus the hard work she was doing, were silently taking their toll. A couple months after moving in, Betty said she wasn’t feeling very well and was worried because there hadn’t been any movement from the baby she was carrying. I took her to the hospital in Athabasca right away. The doctor induced labour to deliver the dead baby. Although it may have been a blessing in disguise, because Betty didn’t need the additional work of taking care of another baby, but still she was very sad because she loved babies.

To be continued next time…

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